Colour Power!

Who doesn’t love to add a little or in fact, a lot of colour in their lives?  Colours are what add meaning and spice to our lives. In fact even kids are asked to pass out with flying colours. No one wants to see the world in black and white anymore.

And so we decided to tell you how you can give your home, wardrobe and even your style a colour injection without straining your pockets.

Colour boost for your roost

Do you often dream about making your home look like a page out of Vogue’s Interior magazine? Well then we suggest that you express your love for bold colours fearlessly. Try doing it by putting up some cushions and throws in vivid hues on your couch. They’re a lot cheaper than replacing the whole couch. You can also use a colour soaked bedspread in your bedroom to make it look vibrant.

And if you thought that your kitchen and bathroom were better off all done in white then our kitchen essentials and bathroom accessories will seriously have you thinking otherwise. When it comes to colour, just strike a balance between too much and not enough and you’re on!

Dress to impress

Isn’t that the fashion mantra to abide by? Especially this festive season. It’s time to indulge in some truly attention-grabbing fashion!

Pick up a few bright coloured stoles & scarves to go with a monotone outfit and immediately go from drab to absolutely fab. Also, there isn’t a better time to unleash your shoe fetish. Pick up a few foot-works in shades of red, blue, gold and of course, tangerine with matching arm candies to go. Don’t forget the belts that you can wear on top of a dress or to give a svelte shape to a boxy blouse. A broad belt in a silver or golden or any bright colour is perfect to spruce up your look.

Take our advice and watch yourself being catapulted to the receiving end of compliments in a jiffy!

Make it up

Festive makeup is a little difficult to master. But not when you’ve got an array of makeup essentials from us at your service. No matter what the season, you’ve absolutely got to include some spring colours to your make-up palette for that much desired glow. A cream blush is the best way to achieve one while keeping your skin hydrated in the cold weather. Cool shimmery shades are lovely for the eyes. Some bold kajal and cat styled eye-liner is all you need to for that dramatic look.

Follow these tips from us and watch every onlooker turn green with envy, and look colourless in front of you! Do we sense a shopping trip in the offing?


Dress your table to impress!

Sense a celebratory nip in the air? Then it’s the perfect time to turn your tables into
something really festive. Even simple meals can seem like culinary delights when served in an interesting setting.

However, setting the table for special occasions need not be a chore! Check out our simple tips which will help you set the scene of your next gathering with contemporary and
beautiful table settings which will welcome your guests and draw their attention too.

Eid Celebrations

Eid is round the corner and your lunch table should reflect the celebratory mood. Put two
brightly-coloured table runners on either sides of the table with lighter-hued crockery on
them. A vase full of fresh flowers in the centre will help create a magical look.

‘What’s for Eid dinner?’ is the question which will pop up as soon as the lunch is over. Don’t panic as there’s still loads you can do to dress your table. For the special dinner at night, create a table setting that is beautiful, balanced and not-too-fussy by pairing high and low elements such as your vintage china and brass candlesticks. House a whole bunch of white tulips in large vases and voila your table is all to rock.

Wedding Fever

When guests arrive at the venue where couples make their love for each other official, the first thing they notice is your table! Turn on the charm by laying a white linen runner down the length of a rustic wood table. Create a striking place setting by stacking dinnerware in alternating colour patterns.

Winter’s Here

Just because it’s the winter season doesn’t mean there is a lack of colourful, creative table decorations. Drag your dining table and a few foldable chairs outdoors. Top it with minimal crockery and maximum food. A couple of home-grown blooms on the table won’t hurt either. As a finishing touch and to make it more eye catching, just toss a little confetti around and set the perfect winter mood.

But, what festivities can be complete without a little shopping? Do drop by the Lifestyle section of our stores and treat your dining table with an entire array of napkins, embroidered table runners, beautiful table clothes and a lot more!

Dress for success!

When dressing up for work, the key for women is to look professional, and yet retain their feminine charm. Easier said than done, isn’t it?

The most important thing to remember while dressing for work is that you don’t have to sacrifice our own personal style. Be comfortable in your skin as power dressing is all about the right attitude, as well as the right clothes.

We’ve put together a couple of corporate wardrobe staples and their companions that will help end your office dressing dilemma and that too in a jiffy. Read on to find out about the power dressing must-haves.

The very first piece of clothing that must mandatorily find its way into your closet is a linen blazer, which when paired up with a pair of well-fitted pants, a nice satin top and a pair of beautiful heels. Not only is the blazer a great piece for the office, but you can pair it with your jeans for a casual weekend look. Also, don’t forget to add the two tablespoons of attitude to carry off the entire ensemble with immense poise.

The second outfit that should be on your corporate wishlist is this navy blue number. All that you need to kick things up a notch is a pair of fiery red heels and those cat-eye glasses, and you’re sure to become the talk of the office. Are you willing to take our advice on this one and rock this ensemble?

It’s now time to introduce another time-honoured piece! This is the one thing that has become oh-so synonymous with power dressing, ever since women decided to take the corporate reigns into their hands.

Yeah you guessed it right. It is a pair of black trousers. And mind you there are no rules to wear this one. You can either flaunt this combo created by us or create one for yourself.

Corporate dressing is all about adding some style and panache to the business-like attire. And this black pencil skirt would have you accomplish it faultlessly. You’ve just got to spice it up with a sassy top and watch the compliments flow in.

So ladies, be confident, arm yourself with your feminine poise, and drop by our stores to shop to your heart’s content and rock the chic look at your work place like no other.

Stylishly Chic with ELLE!

Alber Elbaz once told The Guardian “If you change a woman’s look, you change her persona.” Keeping this in mind, we bring you more than a few options which will help you spend your summer making as many sunning appearances as you can!

Elle, the world-renowned French fashion brand that symbolises fashion, stylishness, lifestyle, and also freedom and optimism of fashion gels beautifully with the wide offering of fashion already available at Splash. This entire collection will ensure effortlessly chic looks for every occasion and is a must for every woman, who loves to play with fashion and is always high on style and trends.

So ladies, make some space in your wardrobe, visit our stores at the earliest, and get the very on-trend ELLE collection that distinguishes the wearer by its styling and quirkiness.

Red alert!

This red creation is the very first of the season’s offering, and what an eyeful! A seductively shaped neck, demure cuts and its fire engine colour will make it the pride and vanity of the lady who is all set to flaunt it.

Cream class!

Another one of the season’s hottest numbers to make its appearance is this emblem of the stripped-down 90’s that never quite left the sales floor. This piece will suit any lady to perfection and women will fall in love with its comfortable simplicity and equal amount of poise. So dig into your wardrobe and get out those fabulous accessories waiting to flaunt themselves with this dress!

Perfect Peach

And now, it’s time to pave way for this demure, yet elegant and classy peach creation that is all set to bring the age-old cuts and craftsmanship into the present. This dress marks a return to a lyrical, feel-good romanticism and can be flawlessly shown off by a lady with a confident and go-getter attitude.

So has this dress stolen the heart of any of you ladies ready to take the fashion floor by storm?

Black Beauty

Nothing can stop your knees from trembling the second you set eyes on this Black Magic. Just grace any soiree with this “hot-off-the-ramp” piece and punctuate every fashion statement ever created.

So all you pretty women in the house, waste no time and just sling those arm candies of yours on your shoulders and rush to our stores to stake claim on any of the above dresses that will have you sweep the style-stakes like no other!

Denims – The Better Side of Life!

Allow a slight nostalgia to set in and remember the times where all the runways did was romance the frills, the elegant dresses and would rarely allow anyone to make a fashion-forward statement that was beyond the vicinity of lady-like silhouettes.

But the same runways have undergone a serious transformation these days!

Gone are the days when whimsical dresses, elegant laces and girly florals were the only things that transformed the ladies into absolute stylistas. We’ve also bid adieu to the era where the men in tail coats and tuxedos were the only ones who received some serious attention from the ladies.

Contemporary and avant-garde fashion has a fierce preference for DENIMS. The new fashion-mavens are not the typical fashionistas who would abide by the rules set for them, but are those new-age taste makers who have an innate desire to take the fashion world by the storm.

Ruling mighty on the trend charts, the dark coloured washed-out denims like these are having the time of their lives in the sun! We are loving this style as there are so many ways to make it your own from boots, to bracelets, to vests. And, the best part? They go with nearly everything.

Not only are the ladies in for a rugged treat, but our extremely dapper gentlemen too have something to pine for. All you boys have to do is pair up your jeans with bright-coloured separates and biker jackets and just watch the compliments flow in.

Another advantage of denims is that they don’t require to be washed regularly. Even if you wear them five days a week, no one will ever know! This piece of clothing has bestowed all of us with the freedom to flaunt the “dirty” look with panache.

Aren’t you already in love with these rough and tough pieces of fabric that so scream “Freedom” and the “laid-back” look that you have long craved for? They are all cool enough to wear in the summer and just about anytime after that.

So boys and girls and not to forget the ladies and gentleman, denims are the staple of any wardrobe, you can dress them up or dress them down, but the fact is that you can’t escape them. So, let us all give in to the inevitable and create our own style statements with a pair of denims!

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